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Toronto roof repairs are best tackled by a reputable and experienced certified roofing contractor. The right roofer can be a valuable asset to anyone making a warranty claim on a roofing product, but choosing a certified true professional can be tricky. Checking for certification and insurance can help save homeowners tens of thousands in potential legal and medical bills. Investigating the background of your roofer of choice and checking a few customer-generated reviews is well worth the few minutes it takes and can provide valuable insight into the quality of work one could expect, as well as work ethic and the overall customer satisfaction of prior clients.

Roof Warranty

Just about every roof on the market today comes with a standard warranty of some kind. What most homeowners don’t realize is that without evidence of roof repairs and a regular maintenance program, that warrant is void. Some research suggests that a roof without professional repairs and frequent maintenance will only last about half as long as the manufacturer’s warranty. A decent roof can be a substantial investment depending on the materials used, and like any other home upgrade or investment, it should be protected with a warranty.


Anyone in the world with a pair of boots and a hammer can refer to themselves as a roofing contractor. There’s nothing regulating the use of the term, which makes finding a true professional something of an issue in a sea of "roofers” out to make a quick buck by climbing up on top of your roof and start banging away. If you’re on the market for roof repairs in Toronto, be sure to ask your contractor for evidence that they are in fact a registered business. Make inquiries as to their experience and ask for references. Websites such as HomeStars are great for finding user-generated reviews of many roofing companies. It’s an ideal way to get a little insight into the quality of work and type of customer service you can expect from specific contractors.

Certified and Insured

In Canada, homeowners can be held responsible for the health and safety of workers on their property. Roofing is a dangerous profession in which workers can be seriously injured by taking a single wrong step. To eliminate the possibility of legal action, be sure to ask for copies of your roof repair expert’s certification and insurance paperwork. It’s a simple step that could prevent a lot of headaches.
If you live in Toronto, roof repairs can be had quite easily, even if your roof is a trickier material such as cedar or slate. Before actually making the call to a roofer you may feel is the best in the industry, be sure to check out their reviews on sites such as HomeStars. If you’re still interested in the roofer in question, contact them and request copies of any paperwork, such as insurance, certification, and even business registration documents, that may protect you from legal action,. Once you find the finest in the roofing business and you’re satisfied with the reviews and documentation you’ve requested, roof repairs can take place safely and efficiently.


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